株式会社 金トビ志賀
4-38 Maruyama-Town, Gamagori-City, Aichi 443-0032 Japan
Established in 1917, KINTOBI SHIGA CO., LTD. specializes in producing and selling wheat flour for udon noodles. Our wheat flour is always milled gently, slowly and with care. Dry noodles are made with reliable techniques accumulated over 60 years and original noodle making method learned from handmade udon. It is characterized by the original sweet scent and rich flavor of wheat.

100% Aichi Prefecture made "kinuakari" wheat is used. It is a traditional noodle with wide surface, bright and smooth like silk with a unique chewy texture. In order to prevent the kishimen noodles sticking together, we make the length and width of the noodles uneven, reducing the surface area of the dried noodles with our "wave cutting method".

100% Hokkaido Prefecture made "kitahonami" wheat is used in this samurai cuisine's kishimen noodle. It is characterized by a wide glossy yellow surface and its chewy texture. It is very thin hence a shorter cooking time is needed.

This is a business use wheat flour that demonstrates the characteristics of Aichi Prefecture wheat "Kinuakari" to the maximum. The silky, bright and beautiful dough is extremely moist, which creates a surprising texture.

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