Maruto Poultry Syokuhin Inc.

17 Oogida Muro-chou Toyohashi-shi Aichi-ken 441-8087 Japan
Systemized integrated production
From production and distribution of feed, breeding, processing, quality control, and distribution. We speedily deliver fresh and safe products through this systemized integrated production managed by our company and Maruto Group.

We cut the Nagoya Cochin's meat into a size that is easy to eat then marinate in our own miso sauce. It is a superb item in which you can really taste the umami of Nagoya Cochin.

The fresh Nagoya Cochin meat is cut into small pieces of fillets by hands of craftsmen. Each piece is a perfect size for Oyako (chicken and egg) rice bowls. It is easy to use since extra handling is not needed.

A piece of seasoned Nagoya Cochin's meat is baked. It is a product with a strong Nagoya Cochin's taste, and it goes well with wine and Japanese sake.

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