Owari Seifun Corporation

1-70 Narawahonmachi,Handa,Aihi 475-0848,JAPAN
A long-established food company which founded over 130 years ago. We have a variety of products utilizing locally produced ingredients, including noodles, noodle soup sets, etc. We mainly focus on wheat flour and related processed products.

This is a Japanese traditional noodle "kishimen" in which 100% "kinuakari" wheat from Aichi prefecture is used as a raw material. It is white as silk, soft and chewy.

A soft drink that goes well with Japanese cuisine. It is decaffeinated, which makes it a widely popular drink in Japan as it is suitable from infants to pregnant women. You can make 2.5L barley tea with 100g.

Soy sauce based ramen soup. Simply dilute it with hot water or soup stock. In addition, it can also be used as a Japanese style hot pot sauce. It is suitable for a wide range of cooking.

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