Otoufu Factory Ishikawa Co.,Ltd

株式会社 おとうふ工房いしかわ
1-204-21 Toyota-cho,Takahama-city,Aichi 444-1304 Japan
We are headquartered in Takahama city, Aichi Prefecture, manufacturing and selling soybean-based tofu, bread, donuts and sweets, as well as managing restaurants. Our annual sales are around 5.1 billion yen with 520 employees. (25th financial year)

In Japan, tofu has been used for various cuisine favorably since the old days. It is because of its light taste hence it goes with many different dishes. This delicious tofu is made from soybean 100% made in Japan.

It is a simple dessert pudding made from soymilk produced using 100% made in Japan soybean, fresh egg and sugar. It is produced in a homemade style with rich flavors of soy milk and egg.

This is an almond jelly made using homemade soy milk that is produced with soybean from Japan. It is soft and chewy, which is a whole new texture compare to the traditional type of almond jelly.

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