MANTEN. Co., Ltd.

有限会社 まんてん.
40-1Wonowari, Jinnoshinden-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi 441-8077 JAPAN
We process and sell raw materials from Gamagori in Aichi Prefecture, among other products, we are focusing on greeneyes.

Head and guts of the greeneyes are removed then each fish is frozen individually. It is easy to use as each fish is packaged separately.

First of all, the greeneyes are marinated then covered with deep-fried powder before being frozen individually. As it is already covered with deep-fried powder, you may just fry it with oil directly.

The greeneye is marinated with cottonseed oil after being lightly grilled once. Instead of olive oil, a lighter taste cottonseed oil is used, so you may enjoy the taste of greeneye itself better.

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